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Cat Fish Stew

Get a big stew pot and put a 1/2 stick butter in the bottom
Put a layer of onions..layer of potatoes..layer of catfish
Repeat layers till the pot is full..add NO!! liquid
Put on the top and simmer till pot is full to the top with it's OWN juices.

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Killer Pickles

8 or 9 lbs cucumbers...small or medium..soak in 2 1/2 cps.salt to 20 cps.water for 24 hours
***If cucumbers are cut reduce salt to 1 3/4***
Drain cucumbers...Bring 6 cps. vinegar..
9 cps. water and 2 tbls. pickling spice to a boil
Add hot peppers of your choice to each jar..pour hot liquid over packed jars..
seal and water bath 10 or 15 min.
Best eaten with fried fish and French fries



Chop any peppers together with lot's of onions.
Pack tight in hot jars.
Heat to boiling...1 c. 5% white vinegar
1/4 c. water...1/4c.olive oil...1 tsp. salt...1 tsp. pickling spices
A couple of tsp. of celery seed and mustard seed
Pour over peppers & onions and water bath 10 min.

Hot Mustard!

Chop up several jalapeno's and boil in 1 c.vinegar
Add 4 ozs. dry mustard(Coleman's)..Let stand overnight
Add 1 c. sugar...1 egg...cook till thick! Stir constantly!
Cool and add 1 c. miracle whip
You might want to taste this before you throw in that habanero!

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