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Chattanooga's battle A Civil War Battle and this from my home town
The Battle of Marianna


Bellamy Plantation Ghost

Bellamy Plantation was located in Jackson County Florida. Here's the story I heard.

The daughter of the plantation owner was getting married. She of course wore one of the styles of the day. A huge dress with bell hoops underneath. At the reception she got too close to the fireplace and her dress caught on fire. She ran from the room to the yard and died. They say you can see her roaming by the river at night. I never saw anything but it is creepy down there. There's a long dirt road lined by huge liveoaks strung with moss. The trees have grown to cover the road like a canopy. The ride is long and dark. When you get to the end of the road it opens up to a river bank. The Chipola River. It's a quiet place here. Dark waters, hanging moss and an old trellis no longer used.

The Bell Witch of Tennessee
Tourist Haunts

Tin Pan Alley

There's a place called Tin Pan Alley in Marianna Florida. A small rather poor neighborhood. They used to say it was on the "other side of the tracks" but it was pretty just the same with alot of good people like my parents. Old houses, not fancy but not shacks. In the evenings folks would sit out on the porch to fight the heat and talk about their day. One night a storm came up and a strange ball of fire rolled down the street, up the hill and out of site much to the amazement of the people. Some called it a haint. Might have been. Today there are explanations for everything wheather they are true or not remains to be seen.

Ball Lighting


The Appalachia Region
Appalachian Clogging
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