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past shacks

**From rented shacks to the castle shacks**

I grew up in Marianna Florida on the Millpond. Learned how to swim at Spring Creek. Hunted for shark's teeth in the Chipola River. After leaving home I lived in my first shack. You know the kind...when you can't decide if the extra blankets should plug up the windows or the spaces in the walls. Then I progressed as all true southerners do! I moved to a quaint little shack with a beautiful green lawn of kudsu set back from the dirt road made out of lighter wood. Next I came across an old large shack way back in a corn field. Nightly intertainment was shooting gopher rats with a .22 rifle.
Other entertainment... fishing, canoeing, and Florida Carverns State Park. Close to my favorite beach in St.Joe.

But life goes on and I moved to


Where I live in a shack on 115 acres of mountain land near Fall Creek Falls State Park. If you like parks check it out! Always something to do there. We own this shack and have invested in countless roles of duct tape to keep it together... perhaps hundreds. - Pepper Shack

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